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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler1
    Can't go wrong with Harlequins, always keep them in a big group.

    Yeah I plan to do 10, maybe 12 since they are small and I'll be over filtering anyway. How about the blue rams? Will they play nice with the Harlequin Rasboras? They are different level swimmers correct?


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    Yes the Rams will stay near the bottom and the harleys at the top. Rams are peaceful almost shy which is why the harleys make good dither fish.

    The only time the Rans get aggessive is when they are spawning.
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    Ok cool! Thanks :)

    Now the only other question would be if it would be suggested to add any additional fish to the tank? Or if the amount I've said it about the most it could handle in that size tank?.

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    So random input. I did the calculation on the mainland 27 gallon cube. Online its dimensions are 20x18x20 (inches) and that actually adds up to 31 gallons. So I get a few extra! Hehe. I'm hoping for the filter and or heater for Xmas. And I'll be buying the tank, stand, and lights sometime after the first of the year. Lots of planning time!

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    Sounds great, and very sensible.

    You could also consider something like Otocinclus to help keep some forms of algae at bay. Best to add later as they need something to feed on and are quite sensitive. Best kept in a proper school. I have 10 in my tank and they are lovely (but shy) and do a great job on algae. I've not cleaned the glass since getting them.

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    Those ARE very nice looking fish!!

    I was actually considering, after doing some looking about last night, adding about 6 zebra loaches to the list. The only doubts I had are that they are semi-aggressive, but in doing research, it seem it's very rare they show aggression, and when they do, they only are aggressive within their own species, and normally only when kept in too small of a school, like 3 or less.

    What do you think? They are said to eat a lot of the particulate that gets dropped, and basically clean up the tank from anything that the top dwellers miss. But if they don't do anything for algae, you suggestion of the otocinclus is probably better, since they will likely eat missed food, and algae.

    Another reason the zebra loach was attractive (aside from being a beautiful fish) is that from what I've seen, they stick to the bottom normally, but will often times swim to the top and play and what not.


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    Zebra loaches are awesome, but can be bullies at night. They should be less territorial in a proper group though so you might be ok but I wouldn't keep them with any other bottom dwellers. As individuals have their own personality you can get the odd bad egg in the group. I'm not sure they'll do anything for algae but they do like to catfish.

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    I'll probably go with the catfish actually, now that you've mentioned it. Couple reasons, they are pretty, they will help me clean the sand and the glass, I can have a school, and they will be friendly towards other fish in the tank.

    I am pretty convinced that I do want the tank to be planted, with low light, easy to maintain plants. Now it's just a matter of gathering the necessary stuff for it! I'll probably begin a new thread in the beginner freshwater section, since it gets more traffic, and will make it a build thread.

    Time to start making lists of everything I need and want, so that I don't forget something! Also planning to put a siphon with a ball valve on it, and a long length of clear PVC tubing that I can just run from the tank to the sink, get the siphon going once, and I imagine it will remain primed for good. Set it at the right height for a 50% water change and I think it will make general weekly changes easy, with monthly deep cleans into the sand and what not!!

    Getting excited now!!


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    Just tossing this out there. Never DREAMED I'd suggest something like this but ... the other day I was in a dr's waiting room. they had an octagonal cube that looked to be around 28 gallons. inside was a light sand bottom, black background and it was FULL of nothing but bright orange platies. adults, babies, in between - 'cause you know those platies are going to reproduce like rabbits. Anyway, there was one big leafy fern in the center of it all and the fish were swimming in and out of it and all around it.
    Honest to God, it was stunning. Platies. Who'd a thunk it.

    Of course, someone would have to go in there and scoop out the overage when it got too full but a LFS might take them. Anyway, just a thought. it was so pretty it made me want one.
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    That does sound quite nice!! I'll have to ask some of the LFS around here if they will take fish or not from private sources... On that note, I'll be doing that anyway, as I here the GBRs that I'd like a pair of can be.... baby factories lol

    Now I figure I'll likely have enough other stuff in there that they eggs and fry will probably get eaten before they have a chance to grow, so I'm not overly concerned, but in case that doesn't happen, I'd like to know I will have somewhere to take fish.

    Can't imagine why a fish store wouldn't want a bunch of free GBRs hehe


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