Currently at my workplace, we have a breeding pair of convict cichlids that have recently birthed a huge set of fry. They previously lived with my boss in her 40g oscar tank(yes don't even get me started on that mixture) and they would have many sets of fry and none of them ever survived, so she decided to bring them up to work and put them in a 10g(again, don't get me started). The fry are about a week old today and while I only have experience with blood parrot cichlids, I've really come to enjoy the convicts. I'm thinking about setting up a 20g(L) tank here at my house to bring home some of the matured fry. I realize I probably can't have that many of them and the rest we're planning on selling the surviving fry to our LFS once they've old enough. I don't know just a whole lot about this breed of fish and I've done some research, but I was curious when it would be possible to seperate the fry from the parents, I've yet to find information on that. I'm also curious what type of decoration I should put into their tank here at home. The tank at work is just for the kids and thus has tacky cartoonish decoration and fake plants for hiding spots. The breeding pair there(Willy and Wanda) love to dig up the tank and tend to rearrange it every week or so, well up until the fry were born anyway. I've read how this fish enjoys hiding spots, perhaps caves of some sort, probably no plants since they do tend to uproot the fake ones in the work tank. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated since I'm a newbie to them. I have five hearty blood parrot cichlids that I've had for a few years, but they're very different from the convicts.