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  1. Default Convict Questions

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    Currently at my workplace, we have a breeding pair of convict cichlids that have recently birthed a huge set of fry. They previously lived with my boss in her 40g oscar tank(yes don't even get me started on that mixture) and they would have many sets of fry and none of them ever survived, so she decided to bring them up to work and put them in a 10g(again, don't get me started). The fry are about a week old today and while I only have experience with blood parrot cichlids, I've really come to enjoy the convicts. I'm thinking about setting up a 20g(L) tank here at my house to bring home some of the matured fry. I realize I probably can't have that many of them and the rest we're planning on selling the surviving fry to our LFS once they've old enough. I don't know just a whole lot about this breed of fish and I've done some research, but I was curious when it would be possible to seperate the fry from the parents, I've yet to find information on that. I'm also curious what type of decoration I should put into their tank here at home. The tank at work is just for the kids and thus has tacky cartoonish decoration and fake plants for hiding spots. The breeding pair there(Willy and Wanda) love to dig up the tank and tend to rearrange it every week or so, well up until the fry were born anyway. I've read how this fish enjoys hiding spots, perhaps caves of some sort, probably no plants since they do tend to uproot the fake ones in the work tank. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated since I'm a newbie to them. I have five hearty blood parrot cichlids that I've had for a few years, but they're very different from the convicts.
    55g - 5 Blood Parrots

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    No. Your tank is too small for them, as hers is, and what will you do with them? Stores don't want the fry because they spawn constantly. They are also mean as pit bulls when they do. I would never put one with my blood parrots either because a male convict with spawn with a female parrot. She could feed the fry to her Oscar?

    I think you will have a problem trying to keep 3 angels in a 55 gallon but this thread is not about that.

  3. Default

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    I have a twenty gallon that I am breeding convicts in and have about 50-75 three month old babies, and the mom. Everything was fine and everyone plus the dad was in the tank, a month or two into it the dad was not letting the mom eat and kinda beating her up, he ended up being amost twice her size and put on alot of size fast as she wasnt eating. I took him out and put him in my big tank and just kept the mom in there,she is fine and so are the babies without dad(he is the small fish and ALOT calmer in the big tank). But my babies are doing great and havent skipped a beat without dad.

    Mom is actually in a breeding box because dad beat her up and letting her heal, the babies get kinda aggressive if she is wounded. This is just my setup and working pretty good so far

  4. Default

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    @Lady Hobbs I no longer have the Angels in with my BP's, the signature is just old. I have four BPs in the 55g and they're all pretty happy, though I'll admit that my BPs are not peaceful to other fish, they actually attacked two plecos that I've had in there and killed one, the other I rehomed. I've always heard how BPs are peaceful fish, but mine sure arn't, at least to other fish, each other they are fine, I've had them spawn several times over, though never anything comes of it due to their hybrid status.

    Out of curisoity, what would come of a Convict/BP pairing? Anything?

    @snapper1978 Oddly enough, the pair in question are the exact opposite of yours, Momma is quiet mean and beats Daddy around alot, she rules that tank and she's twice his size. The fry are only a week old, but I've been looking for signs of extreme aggresion between the pair but so far there is not, she does like to dominate the food when it's put into the tank, but beyond that she just chases him around sometimes and then they go back to protecting the fry.

    To the both of you, what size would you suggest for the two convicts I bring home. I could take a pair of males or females depending on how they do together.
    55g - 5 Blood Parrots

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  5. Default

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    yeah mine are the exact opposite and i had to take the male out cuz he beat her up pretty bad. She is healing now in a breeding box, but my male is at least 5-6" and he dominated that tank and that was a 20 gallon. I would say at least a 55 cuz i put my male in there and it is a different story, he gets pushed around some but it is just more peaceful cuz they are more spread out. but my male got REAL aggressive when the babies came, not the female.

    I think they are gorgeous fish, just nasty as hell. The babies had to be separated cuz they would pick at the females wounds and really pick on her also.They are cool but ONE per tank, these mofo's breed like rabbits. I was trying for ONE batch and ended up with three,lol

  6. Default

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    My co-worker, who usually tells me the difference in male/female fish, assured me that "Wanda" was the larger fish and "Willy" was the smaller one, but I mentioned this to her today and she went online and then compared our fish to the pictures and sure enough the larger fish was the male and the smaller more timid one was the female. We've started to watch for major signs of aggression, as of right now, both parents are being protective of the fry without hurting one another, though the male is very aggresive in general and I can see this becoming a problem at some point.
    55g - 5 Blood Parrots

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  7. Default

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    That is easy to tell, the female will have reddish spot on each side by her gills, the males do not have any color and are strictly black and white. I got mine about the same size and the male shot up in size then started wwe in my tank so he had to go,lol. yeah mine were the same and about a month after the babies were born something must of happened cuz it was alot different. i read if she eats on or something like that then he will punish her for that, but he beat the hell out of my female in the matter of a week i had to take him out. My female is still not healthy yet, plus wouldnt let her eat at all. he would damn near ram my tank from me just looking in, these fish def change with babies. but hopefully a month or so and mine will be big enough to go trade in

  8. Default

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    I watched them closely this morning during their feeding and Daddy was indeed a little aggresive but he did let Mom eat so for now it's okay, but I fear it'll get to the point where I'm going to need to seperate him from her.
    55g - 5 Blood Parrots

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  9. Default

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    Just watch them cuz mine were fine until the babies were a month or month and a half then he got mean, but also with him not letting her eat he JUMPED in size and really got mean. Good luck they really are cool looking fish just nasty as all hell. Mine used to ram the glass when i was looking at the babies.

  10. Default

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    Yes Daddy is already coming up very closs to the glass whenever anyone looks at the babies. He's got a temper on him for sure.
    55g - 5 Blood Parrots

    My 55G Journal

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