[ sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, but I never get any replies otherwise ]

So, I rang my LFS and surprisingly they said they would be willing to give me store credit for my baby oscar. :) Yay. They don't want the common pleco I also got dumped with though, so I'll have to try and pawn that off to someone. Poos.

Anyway, this leaves me now with one teeny 5cm golden severum all alone in a 65g tank!

I want to do an South American themed tank. Looking at maybe a Chocolate Raphael Doradid or some BN Plecs for the bottom of the tank. I'm unsure whether Raphael's like to be kept alone or with other Raphaels. I wouldn't mind a school of dithers if they would work, such as TBs or Rosy Barbs (even though they aren't SA), or maybe Black Skirt Tetras.

Other fish I may be interested in are Parrotfish (although these are insanely expensive), Sajica Cichlids or Convicts (although I hear you aren't meant to mix these in case of cross-breeding?). Also open to other suggestions.

My other, probably prefered, idea would be to have multiple severums and nothing else in the tank (except maybe some BNs or dithers of some sort if they "fit"), although I'm not sure IF this is possible in a 65 or how many. I have read that 55g is the minimum for a mated pair, and I have also read that severums do best with other severums. I would love to be able to have a mated pair -- how much would this limit my stocking options?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help. I have plenty of experience and confidence stocking a planted community tank but I'm definitely a beginner with keeping a cichlid tank -- there is so much more you need to keep in mind with cichlids. I look forward to your suggestions!