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  1. Default Irridescent Shark

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    I have a irridescent shark that is about 12" and he one has half of his upper tail fin, it was this way when I got him. He has had the top of his tail fin start to turn red, and a pretty deep red. He is eating fine, acting normal but it is red, no other problems or marks on him. Is this normal, is this stress maybe because I did change up the tank recently. Any ideas?

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    If it's turning red, I'd say the start of an infection of some sort.

    Just a question, you do know how big these fish get don't you?
    I was going to ask what size tank you've got, but in reality doesn't matter what size it is he'll outgrow it in no time. But I'll ask anyway, what size tank have you got? :)

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    Sounds like bleeding from excess ammonia. What are your parameters? You do know that this fish grows over 4 feet long and needs an appropriate sized tank...
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  4. Default

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    See that is what I have been reading. I got the tank on cl and it came with some fish so im thinkink ok, but one was a silver dollar that was like 10" and he went in on a trade after he killed his first fish, i also got rid of another blue catfish that was too big for the tank, and now to my two last real big ones. They are both in a 55 and the shark is ok for now, but the catfish is gonna def need to be moved.

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    He will be hard to capture and find a home for once he's over a foot. I'd start looking soon before he reaches that size. Not easy to find those with "huge" tanks. You have a big fish tourist attractions in St Louis?
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 11-05-2012 at 11:10 PM.

  6. Default

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    Just curious... Was the 10" silver dollar a red hook? Never had a silver dollar kill anything in my tanks other then plants. Iridescent sharks also are not predators. My money is on the blue channel cats. Btw, +1 to Aeon, and also want to say your shark is stressing out. They are schoolers and in a 55, I would bet it is freaking out a lot and smashing into everything... Does it pace back and forth? And does it have blisters on its nose? It's dying a slow death in that tank. Please don't let that happen.

  7. Default

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    The silver dollar(what i was told he was) looked like a tiger barb with out the stripes, i was told it was in the family as the piranha. He was mean and killed his first fish within a week. Hold on i think i got a pic

    and the shark is pacing yes, not blisters and he dont ram things but the last few weeks been watching him and i can tell he needs more room. I think i may take him to my malawi shop and trade him in.

    Sorry i deleted the pic of the silver dollar.

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    bet it was a Pacu rather than a silver dollar.

    Sounds like you got a tank with a load of totally inappropriate fish. I'd suggest rehoming all of them and starting over with fish that can actually live healthy lives in the tank you have.
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    Could even be a tinfoil barb mistaken for a sd.

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    If it was a piranha, they have teeth and are meat eaters. Silver Dollars are veggie eaters and have the personality of a tetra's.

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