Hello every one, I just created a profile after a long time of recieivng advice on these forums. I have a 125g tank that I just switched last week from cold to tropical water. All my ph, ammonia, nitrate, etc stayed normal, i decided before putting fish in,I should do a filter cleaning (being as it had been months). The cleaning slightly clouded the tank but I figured it to be normal, so I proceeded to put an 8in oscar and Jack Dempsey in the tank. After 6days it has not cleared; oscar has barley eaten (small amounts of blood worms but not feeding on fish), and is opening and closing mouth none stop; I put in a bubble stone an hour ago but has not seemed to make a difference. Question 1) I have never owned an oscar before this one, from everything I have read the fish's actions are not abnormal but advice and thoughts would be appreciated. Any tips to help him eat more/ do they usually eat very little at a time? Question 2) WHY IS MY TANK CLOUDY!!! I can't stand it after years of having tanks I've never had cloud stay this long in an established tank. Any short cuts or ways to clear this up??
Thanks guys,