Wahhh! I was in today checking out a brand new petshop which had just opened and they had a massive opening sale with Dwarf Chain Loaches for $15!! Usually $23. I've always wanted some and was thinking about putting some in my 25g when I set it back up. Well, I couldn't pass up the incredible offer and ended up leaving with 6 (still cost me nearly $100).

All-in-all pretty impressed with this new pet store. EXCEPT they had a trainee net my fish and I couldn't even watch, she kept trying to touch them with her hands to get them out of the net and holding them in her fist, UGH. I had to walk away! When I'm buying $100 worth of fish I expect them to give me a capable staff member, I was not at all happy. Especially dwarf chains which are a sensitive fish as it is, she could at least practice on a goldfish or livebearers! They went all white in the bag and I was sure she'd stressed them to the point of death. They seemed to come right as soon as I put them in my tank though, and all are now are racing around annoying my Harlequins.

I know this isn't the tank I planned for them and eventually when I get my 25g set up I'll have to somehow catch the little buggers to move them. But even if I'm not ready for them yet they'll do fine in my 45g until their permanent home in my 25g is ready. They will eventually live with 1 Gourami and a slew of Neons.

Pics later.