Hello I'm new to the site so please be nice lol I got a 30 gallon fish tank a month ago for the first week I just had water and some fake plants in it. On the 2nd week I added 2 small plecos. A week later I added one angel 2 swords and 2 dalmation mollies. One molly died the night we got them wich was weird I did a 25 percent water change the following week and every thing is fine. I waited 2 more weeks and another 25 percent water change I added 2 more angels and a pictus catfish and 2 potted plants I'm just wondering if I'm doing everything ok right now. Yes I know the angels and the pictus will need a bigger tank I'm getting a 90 or 100 gallon for xmas just wondering if everything sounds good and if I could put anything eles in?