I set up my new 12 gallon eclipse acrylic tank Monday with new gravel, Spongebob decor, plastic plants heater, etc. I used the drops to get rid of chlorine, and added Tetra safe start to do the tank cycling for me. Today I brought in water sample to lfs and they said the water is all good to add fish. I wanted neon tetras because I has some as a child and due to the helpful advice from this site :) The lfs guy said they are too fragile for my tank, even though the water is testing fine. He said to wait till Ive had fish in it a while. So I was advised among a few choices. One was danias which some of you advised that 12 gallons is too small for, plus it seems like there is always a bully in the dania group. I decided on guppies. I love guppies, I had them as a kid and even bred them. I decided to get 2 male and 3 female. The lfs guy said he will take all my excess fish back, so there you go. I cant wait to be a new mommy!!!
Anyway, home I go with 5 amazing differently colored, beautiful fish. My DGD was thrilled! we put the bags in the tank to acclimate, then set them free.
At first all 5 stayed to gether in this tiny little huddle. They moved together and all 5 stayed within an area of about 3x 3. I thought that was wierd. I fed them to make them feel better. its been a couple hours now and they are just zooming around like crazy. They swim from the bottom straight up to the surface, and flip back down again. Does this this mean they are having fun or stressed out? They are very active. They also seem to like to swim up against the current. I really hope they are happy and dont die or start harrassing each other. I feel attached to them already. What should I do next, look out for? I feel like a new mother, I cant stop watching them and worrying. Thanks for any advice!