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Thread: I'm new here

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    Nov 2012

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    Default I'm new here

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    Hello I'm new to the site so please be nice lol I got a 30 gallon fish tank a month ago for the first week I just had water and some fake plants in it. On the 2nd week I added 2 small plecos. A week later I added one angel 2 swords and 2 dalmation mollies. One molly died the night we got them wich was weird I did a 25 percent water change the following week and every thing is fine. I waited 2 more weeks and another 25 percent water change I added 2 more angels and a pictus catfish and 2 potted plants I'm just wondering if I'm doing everything ok right now. Yes I know the angels and the pictus will need a bigger tank I'm getting a 90 or 100 gallon for xmas just wondering if everything sounds good and if I could put anything eles in?

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    Just make sure you keep testing your water.

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    welcome to AC, and agreed.... test, test, test.

    Shrimp and snail junkie... What can I say, I like the little things in life.

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    hey wolf pack. welcome to the forum. I'm glad you found us and if you are open to learning, you'll have a great experience with your fish.

    While I would like to give you some good news, unfortunately I see MANY problem here. First - do not add another fish until you read this post and read the link on cycling. You're only in for disappointment if you don't.
    Second: A pleco is a bottom feeder. bottom feeders should always be added to your tank after you've completed the 'cycle' as the toxins that build in a tank during the cycle period settle at the bottom making bottom feeders vulnerable and susceptible to ammonia and or nitrite poisoning. Unfortunately, you are going to have both in a new tank until you get it cycled. If at all possible, I'd return the plecos and the catfish to the fish store before the become weak and die. sorry. You can always buy new ones after your tank is cycled. Quite honestly, I'd return the angels too as they are very delicate and demand high quality water - which yours is not if you are only doing small water changes every two weeks. Sorry. I know this only leaves you with 2 swords an the molly but in a 30, those 3 fish should produce enough ammonia and waste to cycle the tank. THEN you can get more fish :o)

    3rd: For your fish and for yourself, so you can be a responsible fishkeeper and enjoy lively, healthy fish, please read the 'cycling with fish' information in this link. Unless you get your tank cycled, you are going to start losing fish - frankly, I'm surprised you've only lost the one Molly.

    4th: Get yourself an API master test kit. Test ever day before you do a water change. if ammonia and or nitrites are approaching .50, do a 50% water change immediately. Every day that your fish live in toxic water due to ammonia and nitrites, weakens them and will lead to death. This means you may be doing daily water changes during the cycle period. After you get the tank cycled, you can reduce your water changes to weekly.

    Are you conditioning your water? this is a must to kill the chlorine as chlorine will kill the healthy bacteria you are trying to grow during the cycle period.

    Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news. I hope you are open to the advice that every fishkeeper on this forum would give you.
    Good luck and please ask if you have more questions after reading the 'cycling with fish' link above.
    Last edited by fishmommie; 11-04-2012 at 03:52 AM.
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    90 Gal Journal:
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    I think Fishmommie said it perfectly!

    Get your test kit and good luck!

    I think I want a bigger tank!!

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