More updates:

Dr. Tim's pearls - I have not seen any difference since adding those to my system.

Scrubber - The huge scrubber I built has not redcued nitrates. The scrubber forum says I need to double the LED's. I am thinking of getting rid of the scrubber and LED's. Not sure. I may chop up the heatsink and half the size of the scrubber and try it on the 120 tank.... but then I think the sulphur reactor seems to be way better. I don't know yet.... lol

DIY LED's - I was working on a reef setup LED's but think I am going to scrap that idea. I bought the arduino, touch screen, drivers, LED's and c-channel aluminium for that project. I think the new AI vega setup is pretty slick and cost ~same price as the DIY setup.

Reef octopus Diablo DCRS 250ext - This thing has been amazing! I traded two 1.5" bulkheads for a external collection canister and that was the best trade ever. I fill up the collection canister every week and it is dark/wet skim.