I finally started the beginning phase of my in wall setup idea. The idea is to move the wall 4ft back to give more space in the living room. The wall will be the front part of the stand so the tanks will be flush with the wall and have picture frame molding around them. The floor will have 3/4 plywood on top. Under the floor... has beams made by sandwitching two 2x6 with plywood in the middle. Those are supported by concrete blocks to the ground on every beam. That was the hard part!

The tanks:
300g - 6ftx3ft - Eeel, Banded shark and stingray
240g - 7ftx2ft - Reef with typical reef fish
sump - custom designed to support both tanks, thinking fluidized sump
Algae scrubber - custom designed with ability to expand

I forgot to mention I hate manual labor lol. So here is to the fun *cheers*