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  1. Smile

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    So in general my wife is the one updating the journal but I had a few random thoughts/questions I thought I would put out there.

    1. Why don't the glass tops and plastic backs cover the whole top of the tank? There always seems to be some play front to back. Which in our case is causing the top of our tank to get wet when bubbles pop at the surface. I'm gonna have to come up with a DIY solution to that.

    2. I came across a really neat calculator that helped me determine exactly how much ammonia to add to my tank to get the level to right where I wanted it to cycle the tank. It was very accurate.


    3. The DIY water changer that my wife posted a picture of is amazing! It makes water changes so easy! Though I want to paint it. Is spray paint safe for fish once it dries? Or do i need special paint?

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    That's typically to allow space for filtration. The plastic back that comes with the versa top should cover the entire tank if installed correctly. Or maybe you purchased the wrong size? Not sure what to advise here. That calculator is awesome! Bookmarking. And also, I would assume you would need some sort of specialty paint.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    Lovely big tank there. I do like the sound of your stocking list. Should be stunning.

  4. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northerly
    That's typically to allow space for filtration. The plastic back that comes with the versa top should cover the entire tank if installed correctly. Or maybe you purchased the wrong size?
    we have a 40 gal long tank it's 48x12x16. We have 2 24 inch versa tops. Was there a different top that I should have gotten?

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    I assume the 24 inch you purchased is for a 55g. I would suggest searching for a 40 long versa top, although I think a 40 long and a 55g are the same width. They have plenty of tops for non-standard sized tanks. Search "versa top 40 gallon long" on amazon.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

  6. Default

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    I fixed it with a couple of thin plastic strips and some super glue. Now they fully enclose the top of the tank and it looks it was meant to be that way! I will try and take a pic of it and have Tobinkinz post it.

  7. Default

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    Your tops may not fit right as two companies make them. All glass (aqueon) and marineland, you need the same brand as your tank, the two companies have slightly different dimensions. I think their plastic edging are different widths so the glass has to be different too.

  8. Default

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    We gots dirt!

    Here's our driftwood also, haven't posted any closeups yet. First one came from Dr. Foster and Smith:

    Found this one at the LFS when we went by to browse and dream the other day. They usually don't have driftwood, so I was super excited to see it and to be able to actually pick a piece out (Dr.F&S just sends you a piece based on size).

    More in next post!

  9. Default

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    By the way, many thanks to Brhino and Lady Hobbs for their quick replies to questions about rinsing this substrate!

    Dirt in, cichlid stones in, driftwood in - cloudy water!

    Ahh, much better:

    So, now the hard part - how to arrange things!

    I've been looking at tanks for the past few weeks, and I thought I had ideas, and now I'm just....lost....

    We plan on having some plants but are trying to keep it low tech - no CO2 injection or anything. Thought a couple of swords, some corkscrew vals, java fern and anubias. Maybe some cabomba, and some watersprite floating. Originally we were going to have one end be for the rams, hence the caves. I'm not sure I like sectioning it like that now tho. Anyway, ideas would be appreciated!


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    I like the sectioning, could be majorly improved upon with a fair number of plants though. Give it a bit of a jungle look;p
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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