I really love this hobby, but it is a lot more intensive than I first anticipated! Just when I finally got my parameters perfect, my heater decided it was time to malfunction. At least this is what I am assuming what happened since I have not touched it in weeks. All fish were fine, then next AM temp up past 90 degrees and 4 neons dead and all other fish acting very distressed. Slowly brought temp back down to 80 degrees and turned up the bubbles to get some O2 back into water.

So I have left 2 mollies and 4 neons :( The female molly is still acting very distressed. Her tail has curved into an S shape and she is very docile. This happened 4 days ago, so I have been monitoring the water and the fish. Some days she seems better, but today she's struggling. Is there anything I can do for her?

Also, the faulty heater came with my Marineland 20 gallon kit.