I started up a 5.5 gallon tank 2 weeks ago. In tank: log, 3 slabs of stone, gravel, filter (sock wrapped around intake tube, held on with elastic), heater, light. I was setting it up for cherry shrimp.
Someone gave me some java moss (a nice big clump) and I put it on the log.
I went away on vacation for a week (had someone come in to turn light on and off)... other than that nothing done to tank.
I come back to find little white things darting around my tank (about a millimeter long). Some look like worms, but others look like they have lots of feet.
The person who gave me the java moss had a singapore flower shrimp in his tank (I didn't see any other shrimp).
Could I have baby shrimp? If so, how do I care for them?