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Thread: Parasite

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    I came home from work today, to a fish tank with garlic in it. My GF believes that one of our new fish has an intestinal parasite. She even drew me a picture to see if it is and I have no idea. I also asked her why garlic and she tells me that the LFS here (one of many that we go to) said to put garlic in the tank LOL. It seems strange to me but anyway I'll post a pic of her drawing and also the food list :

    hikari gold
    hikari bloodworms
    hikari spirulina and mysis shrimp

    and the waste looks like this.... lol the beige colour on there is supposed to represent clear waste
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    There's nothing wrong with treating fish for internal worms as a precaution and PraziPro is very good for that. Every fish I have gets treated. I have read that garlic helps prevent worms but will not kill existing worms so I make sure they are cleaned out of worms first. I also want the worms gone now, not later.

    I soak pellets in garlic juice, let it dry and then feed to the fish. They don't seem too nuts about it unless I dry it first.

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    Ah thanks Hobbs!

    Do you know if I can soak the food in PraziPro?, the only instructions is for a bath type treatment.

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    You just put the Prazipro in the water column of the tank, the fish don't need to eat it. If you put it in by the water going back into the tank from the filter it mixes in quicker. I've used it several times for my wild caught fish and it works great and is not harmful to the fish.
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