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    wow that's bad. The 2 fish I had died pretty quickly. So far everyone is ok. They ended up kinda mottled with faded areas and then died. Praying no one else gets it.

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    Actually this looks a lot like it
    I'm wondering if it wasn't neon tetra disease.

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    It's quite possible. Neon tetra disease affects quite a range of fish, as I'm sure you know. It also kills much faster than columnaris. If they developed splotches quickly and died within a couple hours I would be thinking NTD as a possibility as well. The problem is there is 20 or 30 other diseases that present exactly like NTD. Among them are false neon disease, aquatic TB, etc, etc. The only way to really know for sure with NTD is an autopsy which obviously most of us can't do. That's why when you see a fish that presents symptoms it is so important to get them out of the tank right away. As far as I know many of those diseases are 100% fatal and spread by the other fish eating the dead fish. I'll cross my fingers for you that everyone else stays ok.

    Also not to scare you, but fish TB is transmitable to humans. If there is any possibility that you have a case of it in a tank make sure you don't have any open wounds on the skin that is submerged in the water, and make sure you wash your hands and arms well when you are done. We should all do that after we work on our tanks, but I know many of us myself included do not most of the time. I have so many tanks and work on them so frequently that I rarely worry about it. I even start siphons with my lungs quite often which is very bad practice. It's just easy to become lax about it. And it is true that casses of people getting sick are pretty few and far between, but I would hate to hear a community member fell into those statistics just because I didn't say something. I didn't even know for the first two or three years of keeping fish that anything they could have could jump to me.
    Last edited by Nephalem; 11-10-2012 at 08:17 PM.
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
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    Wow that is scary. I had the 2 fish in a hang on compartment so i scooped them out when they died. So at least no one ate them. I'm setting up a quarantine tank as well. I know I should have had one before sigh. Thanks for the advice.

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    Ok bad news =( Another fish is sick. He was fine this morning.

    photo (49) by asherah2, on Flickr
    He has red streaks, looks like he's lost some of his orange, and has a strange shaped belly, also not sure about the black. I'm not sure if that is part of him or not I can't remember. He has clamped fins as well. He jsut let me scoop him right out of the tank.

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    Hey All
    I was able to get a few pics... though waiting for a fish to sit still is painfull.

    if you can Lady and Nephalem please take a peek. Be interested to see what you think..?

    Ash does this look anything like what you are seeing?

    Its starting to look like the skin is falling off of the Angel....ughh

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    The platy's look the same. Also one of my platy's has now developed white mouth which i understand is columnaris. Argh. Not catching a break. Also I've added salt. See if that helps. Might kill my dwarf lily tho =/
    Last edited by Asherah; 11-13-2012 at 11:07 PM.

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    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on a couple days. Some things got crazy and my whole family got sick. I'm driving right now, but let me take a look when I get home. My phone is just too small to take a look at pictures with any clarity. If you have an outbreak of Columnaris as well as something else going on (which I find is unlikely by the way, it's much more likely it's just a bad case of columnaris or something else presenting with similar symptoms) it would complicate things because you have to find out what the secondary problem is. Anyway assuming columnaris you should be treating with erythromiacin. Nothing else is going to be strong enough if it has progressed to that stage. Temp won't matter so much as it doesn't affect C, but massive water changes are important. I will post again as soon as I get home.
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
    ~-~-~ }~)){'> <}MocE{> }~)){'> ~-~-~
    Prove that size doesn't matter
    Painted fish belong on canvas, not in aquaria

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    Well all I know is they are dying very quickly and the latest fish is the only one that had the white fuzzy stuff on him. The rest had blotches and seemed to have trouble swimming. One had some red marks. They get sick, they are dead by that night. I've lost 9 already!! I added salt, did a large water change. I'm not sure what to think it is.

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