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  1. Default will bamboo shrimp mess with cories and ropefish

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    just got back from petco and fell in love with there large bamboo shrimp, I have the 75 comminity and will have 5 corys and 2 ropefish, just wondering if they will mess with them or if it is to many bottem dwelling fish.

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    I have 4 amano shrimp (about the same size as bamboos) and they grab pellets & other stuff from my cories - my family calls them the "bullies" - everyone gets to eat something but that's the way they are - don't know if bamboo shrimp are more docile or not.

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    thanks, yea that is what i was wondering, see the ropefish will be hard to feed unless food is right in front of them, so i was worring that the bamboos would take it from them

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    bamboo shrimp are filter feeders. They sit with their front legs in the current and filter fine particles to eat. They won't go after pellets or whatever unless they're starving.
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    yea i saw that on a caresheet, so what drop a sinking pellet down beside the intake of the HOB.. i belevie the caresheet on this site said you could do sinking pellets
    Last edited by Angelfish11788; 10-30-2012 at 07:14 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelfish11788
    yea i saw that on a caresheet, so what drop a sinking pellet down beside the intake of the HOB.
    If your filter is doing the job it is supposed to that won't work at all .

    In a mature tank there may be enough suitable organisms that no extra feeding is required.

    If not, While they may eat some crushed pellets or wafers . . . Having a daphnia culture, rotifers or powdered algae would be closer to optimal.
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    i have no prolbem with powered alge, and yes 850R that was exactly what i was thinking as i wrote that. I felt dumb afterwords but i couldnt think of a better way to explain it..

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    i have vampire shrimp.. same principal as bamboo.. they are filter feeders. doesnt matter what you feed your fish, the shrimp will always get a peice of it during and after feeding time. they will collect all the small particles floating by. they will take flake, pellet ,wafers etc.. mine is in love with bloodworms. if you get the shrimp just watch when you feed your other fish. as soon as or shortly after you feed them the shrimp will begin waving its arms away collecting all food passing by. they generally will not pick up food and take it away from the other fish. they do not have claws or pincers like other shrimp.

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