So my 180gal rainbow tank is up and running after a fishless cycle - we have our first batch of fish in there. Here is the current stocking:

5 Australians (three adults, two juveniles)
6 Bosemanis (all juveniles)
5 Turquoise (two adults, three small adults)
6 Denison Barbs (all juveniles)
2 Pictus cats (they moved over from the our 92 gallon tank)
1 BN pleco (also moved over)
1 BGK, moved from the 92gal, about 6 inches at this time - we will be watching him closely to make sure he doesn't start picking on the pleco.

We would like to add one more small pleco, around 5-6 inches at full size, and some more Bosemanis +/- Turquoise bows. Any advice on how many bows we can put in there without being overstocked once they reach their full size?

The tank is live planted, plant substrate, with three large pieces of driftwood and rocks for decor.

Thanks! Excited to watch them grow up.