korith, I am asking for your professional help, I am trying to send salt water, big size like 11-12inch, live manits shrimp, to overseas like hongkong Taiwan, japan,,
but most of the time it dies either on arrival from Indonesia to singapore , if they survive, it dies on arrival from Singapore to final destination to hong kong, Taiwan, and japan.
I really don't know how to do it, and I almost give up, until I see your professional knowledge in using SingaporePost service to delier your live shrimp overseas, you are one kind of brave soul to try SingaporePost, many people don't know about it. which post office branch are you using? kudo to you.
can you help in solving this Live mantis shrimp survival problem during transportation?
my email: bukitmimosa@yahoo.com, number: 91148375.
many thanks in advance. GOD Bless.