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    Default Teacup Stingray died.

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    Hi. I've had a 140 gallon aquarium for about 6 months. I believe its 48" long x 24" wide x by 30" tall with a 30 gallon sump underneath. Had a freshwater stingray (roughly 4-5" large?) in there for a few months. He was happy and eating well until he died out of the blue last evening. The only thing I can possibly think it is is the liquid carbon (Easy-Life Easy Carbo) I recently started adding. This was the second time I added it (15ml) which is less than is recommended. I have also recently been adding Seachem Flourish trace. I believe he was alive when i came home from work (4ish) I added 15ml of carbon and a capful of flourish. When i woke up he was dead. I would like to get another stingray but not till i find out why he died. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it was the chemicals or something else?

    ph-7 (accomplished through seachem Neutral regulator)
    2 x 30% water changes weekly
    diet- he ate maybe 2 teaspoon fulls of blackworms a day. sometimes frozen bloodworms, even seemed like he was starting to take to cichlid pellets.
    tankmates- a ton, but nobody aggresive and i never saw anyone bother him.

    I attached a picture of his home.
    Attached Images Attached Images

  2. Default

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    That's a shame it died! I doubt the carbon was an issue in such a small dose compared to so much water. Now for the news you don't want to hear,don't get another one. 140 gallons though big is not big enough for a fish that will get 10" round just in the body especially when a lot of the bottom is taken up with plants.

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    Beautiful fish and sweet tank

    sorry for your lost
    RIP Shark Bait, my Red Tail Shark :(

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    Sorry for your loss
    Lots of tanks. Some tanks are planted. Fish include community and bettas.
    2 Dachshunds. Angel (Red) and Cookie (Chocolate Dapple).
    Shiny Things and Beauty the rabbits.
    RIP Princess and Max the Dachshunds, Tiger and Ping Pong the rabbits, and all the fishes from when I was a newbie.
    It is Ldoerr NOT Idoerr.
    Black kitten named Midnight that was found 10/29/12

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    was there anything noticeable on the ray when it died? disk curl? open wounds?
    is that silica sand? was the belly red? gonna be hard to pinpoint exactly what it could have been, but if I had to guess I would say either it was the substrate or the chemicals you have been dosing. not sure I would trust a ph regulator.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    No open wounds. No red belly. Not sure what disc curl is, but his front was always kinda curled up. Just assumed that was normal. Not sure what type of sand it was. Regular PETCO sand. Not the softest but didn't seem to bother him. I believe I gave him enough room. Pushed all the plants and decor to the side to leave him enough room in the middle. Im wondering if anyone else had bad experiences with liquid carbon. Maybe he was especially sensitive to it. I am going to get a larger tank in about a year. Thanks for any help and sorry about any typos. I'm at work trying to type this on my phone.

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    EDIT: moved thread to the ray subforum

    is there a reason you use liquid carbon over the activated charcoal kind? I don't hear of many people who use liquid carbon?
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    Read the msds, take this to a stingray forum or two. I suspect the chemicals are rleated.
    3 potted plants and 6 strings of plastic do not make a planted tank!

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    Aw, so sad! I'm sorry. :(

    Married to M {08.04.07}
    Mama to P {11.20.09}

  10. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy
    EDIT: moved thread to the ray subforum

    is there a reason you use liquid carbon over the activated charcoal kind? I don't hear of many people who use liquid carbon?
    The op means a liquid co2 such as excel.

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