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  1. Question My Betta's eye is puffed up?

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    Okay so previously I was having problems in my betta's 5 gallon tank with ich, I have gotten rid of this (at least I thought i had) with treatment and thorough cleaning and water changes and got myself a new betta. At first I had him with 3 ghost shrimp that I didnt think would be a problem but since they have disappeared I believe that he has eaten them (not sure if that effects my problem or not) and now after owning him for about 2 weeks, his right eye is extremely swollen and white, I believe this is called Pop eye, but am not sure if it is from an injury or another infection in my tank. It is only one eye so that is why I am not sure. He is eating but is about 50% as active as he was when I first acquired him. This tank is not filtered so I do frequent 25%+ water changes, there are live plants in the tank, and at times I run a small bubbler. It is extremely frustrating because I have no problems with my 2 large tanks, which Ive had for years, but this small tank has had alot of problems in the short time I have had it. Previously my roommate had the betta in a half gallon bowl and he seemed perfectly fine for over a year, but I felt bad for him and wanted to give him an upgrade, though it seems I have done more harm then good. Any advice on the pop eye, and smaller tank maintenance would be appreciated.

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    Ok. Small tanks can go downhill fast, as you are learning! What your betta has is indeed popeye. I think you can treat that with tetracycline or something like that.

    Now...the tank isnt cycled? Whoa nelly....that would mean you would need to do 100% water changes on that tank twice a week. do you have a water parameter test kit? You would probably get a clearer picture of what is going on if you have ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate numbers. If i had to guess, that fish is a stressed because his water is not clean. Unfortunately, if the tank isnt cycled, you have to be super-diligent about keeping it that way. Once you are done treating the guy and getting your water parameters, you really should find a way to cycle the tank. I know people keep bettas in uncycled tanks, but it can be just too miss one water change and all of a sudden the water is toxic.

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    In the five gallon tank, it should be cycled with a filter, the bubbler is not required with a Betta, and it should be heated to 82 degrees. The likely culprit to start the illnesses is poor water quality, ammonia build up, and stress to the fish.

    Since the tank is currently un-filtered, do a 100 percent water change, and get a small filter on it so the tank can eventually cycle. Since you have two running tanks, you can use some material from those established filters to "seed" the new Betta filter to cycle it faster.

    The Pop Eye can be treated with maracyn or maracyn II, I'm not sure which at the moment as I don't have the boxes in front of me. Tetracycline will also work, but these will prevent the cycle from starting, so you will have to monitor water quality constantly.
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    Thanks, I just went in today and bought a small filter and removed the bubbler, after the water change last night and new water flow, he seems much happier and already appears his eye is less swollen, I was trying to not have to buy a filter, but considering it was only 15 bucks for a 5 gallon filter I think he will be much happier now

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