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    I agree with William. A poorly trained dog, or not trained at all, is not an enjoyment to have around. I find nothing wrong with being firm with dogs and I was. I had several German Shepards but they did not get disciplined in the same manner as my Yorkie.

    My kids also got a spanking or a swat when they warranted it. Beating, screaming and knocking your animal around is not the same thing as a quick swat followed by a stern NO. But you must do it the same every time followed by NO. Eventually, NO, is enough but you must be consistant by not letting them do something one day but the next day they get in trouble for it.

    One word commands is what they learn. Don't throw entire sentences at them. They don't understand the English language and they don't understand screaming at them.

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    I have raised and bred Pomeranian's for years and to compare teaching or slapping children to slapping dogs is the same as apples to oranges. Children can be talked to and told why they are being punished or spanked a dog can't. I can tell you a Pomeranian will not forget the person who has hit or hurt it and if it is not stopped it will become cowed around anyone like the one who has hurt it (man, woman, children). I am not talking about mistreating the dog I'm talking about anything that scares or hurts them.
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    I don't agree with violence against animals (or children for that matter). People only tend to hit something/someone when they've lost their temper.

    I'm a bit advocate of Cesar Millan's dog training methods - he uses a touch (basically he gives the dog a poke on the leg or something) on the dog's side to snap them out of being fixated on something, but never more than that...and never as punishment. Animals don't understand punishment like adult human beings do.

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    One thing I want to add here is to lead by example. If you get worked up it wont help, will send mixed signals.

    If you lead by example the dog will pick up 99% of what you will ever need it to know without the need for training. And perhaps more importantly without the need for commands, the dog will simply know what you want, sometimes before you do based on the signals you send out thoruhg your body language..
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    I wish my dad were still alive, we grew up on cattle ranch's and I never saw him hit a dog (wish I could say the same about my brother and I LOL)but somehow he had them trained to hand signels something I forgot to ask him about before he passed away.

    I remember one time one of the hands took a rope to his dog and my father snapped him with his rope and told him if that was the way he wanted to treat his dog he could leave. I never saw that man hit his dog again and he worked another two years for us.

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    No problem with correcting a dog. A flogging on the other hand is not ok, that is only anger from the handler, and not beneficial to a dogs training.

    I will be purchasing an e-collar for my GSD very shortly. Excellent on lead, but offlead she knows she cant be corrected and can be a holy terror, too darn smart for her own good. A few 'zaps' and her behaviour will modify. The e collar can be very handy for breaking through her prey drive also. I'm talking a qick zap, not one that has her screaming in terror as i have seen some owners do.
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    I pop my kid on the behind, and I pop my dog on the behind. Works for me. I guess it's just what you are comfortable with as long as you don't cross that line into abuse. I'm the biggest animal rights person you'll find out there, but I'm not above discipline.
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    Well, it helps when one can distinquish animal abuse, violence and beatings compared to a general correcting of the dog.


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    I totally agree with Hobbs.

    And if you are ever in doubt over what constitutes discipline over abuse...opt on the side of 'less'.

    Animals are rough with each other, physical with each other. But they are rarely malicious (although it can happen). They discipline...and then it's over and done with.

    Discipline with animals must happen immediately...within 5-10 seconds in most instances to be effective. Discipline must also suit the species. A shake of dog using the scruff of his neck is effective. You cannot ever 'hit' a bird...under no circumstances. So know what works with what animal.

    Also be careful with how you discipline...I don't know how many times I've seen a person call and cajole a dog over to them...and then 'discipline' them for something the dog did previously (and can make no connection with).

    All that teaches the dog is to avoid the person...because he never knows when he's going to be disciplined...
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    I am a believer in the rolled up newspaper. However I only use it in the act of misbehaving. I have also not had to swat my dog with a newspaper since he was about 1 year old. I also didnt just let his behavior go because he was a cute puppy. It has to start day one when you get the dog...when he was a puppy and doing something I did not want him to do I would promptly swat him on the rear with the paper. Given his thick coat I doubt he felt it, but it made noise and he promptly got a stern "no". I would also ignore him for a few minutes following the misbehavior, it worked very well. All of my past dogs have been trained in the same manner.

    Now for cats...a newspaper just doesn't work especially for my current cat. She is quite intelligent and defiant. However to get her in line a spray from a can of air duster in her general direction is very effective. She knows she is not supposed to do certain things like get on the kitchen counter but does it anyway. It isnt good to directly spray the animal...just in the general direction to get the loud hissing noise followed by a "no".
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