Good advice, Rue.

Some dogs are just plain stupid, as well. I could put my hand under my Yorkies face, making him look at me, and just say NO and that was it. He was so smart and caught on so fast. My Shepards were very smart and learned very fast, too. But I had a Malamute and a Red Setter that were the most stupid dogs God put on earth. But......they were older when I got them and the last time I accepted a full grown dog someone didn't want. Didn't take me long to not want them either!
Dogs pay the price of people not training them properly when young.

People also need to get dogs suited to them and their enviroment. All puppies are cute but they grow up. A hunting dog or a greyhound stuck in an apartment is not cool or a St Bernard or Huskie living in the heat of FL. Or me getting a Jack Russell. LOLOL