Ive had dogs and cats all my life, and all my life ive seen my family hit them (not hard, just a light tap on the muzzle or head) when they are bad. When i got old enough i was taught also to do the same, and i did, with great results. Now i read online that it does nothing but make the animal fear you or hands, but that was never the case for my dogs or cats. The smacking taught my dogs and cats the same as the shock collar teaches the dog where the invisible fence is.

Ive always had this technique used for dogs that destroy things or bite people or animals, and cats that pee on the floor or scratch or bite. Its not used for barking, being rambunctious, or not following a simple command. Its not overused. They always only got smacked if caught the action, or while they were held down looking at what they did (like for peeing or destruction). Never after the action has passed. Within no time at all i had very well behaved animals that werent afraid of hands or me.

In the wild, alpha wolves will slash open a shoulder or grab the throat of a misbehaving pack member to teach them to stay in line. Lightly smacking a dog is not nearly as bad as that, but the owner is the alpha and animals in nature learn through pain, and that is why its always worked for me i guess.

So based on my experience i think it is okay to lightly smack misbehaved dogs or cats, and its not abuse if not overused. Online i see lots of different views as well, almost split 50/50 between a useful punishment and useless abuse. What do you all think about lightly smacking bad pets?