Currently I have a 55 and IMO it's overstocked I have two Aquatech 30-60s running in it and I also have a 30 gal tank that I need to stock to somewhat balance this one out. In the 55 I have a 5 in Male Convict 2 3 in Female Convicts a 4 in Blood Parrot 5 in Salvini 3 in Firemouth 1 in RTS 1 in Spotted Pleco and a 3 in Featherfin Catfish. I took some of the fish on as a gift and they grew up in The tank now it's time to rehome some or distribute them between the 30 I was thinking put the Male Con who is the most aggressive in the 30 with the 2 Females start some breeding and feed the babies to the older fish but idk if the male will breed with the females or kill them plus I would add the Spotted Pleco with the Cons and leave the rest what would you do in this situation?? Any advice would be nice, Thanks in advance