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    Default Shrimp and fry (not the food kind)

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    Ok so a new issue has risen to the surface.... From past experience i should of known my guppies would multiply well today my 7 year old son looked in my 29 gallon and saw a school of about 20 or so fry swimming around. He asked me what i was going to do about it and daddy's answer of "let nature take its course" did not go well.
    Well now he is the proud owner of his first 3 gallon Walmart special aquarium (aka brooding tank) housing a school of about 20 guppy fry and a small snail. Here's the question.... I want to put a few ghost shrimp or bee shrimp in for a "clean up" crew because i know my son will over feed his fry but i am worried that the shrimp will eat the fry as well as the undesirable stuff.... who has any experience with this and can help me?

    Also.... does anyone have a recommendation on what to do with these fry once they are bigger.... I don't need 40+ guppies but it seems cruel to sell them as food or give them the royal flush.... Do fish stores take stuff like that? Any insight will be greatly appreciated!

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    I have the same problem guppygeddon. But the off spring are really pretty.

    I bought a tank and have been given a few to house the 70+ guppy offspring. They eat their young, but just not enough.

    If the shrimp eat some of the fry they are doing you a favor. A lot shrimp are algae and detritus feeders I think the fry would be unlucky to get caught. Those 20+ guppies, with more on the way most likely, are going to be ready to play mommy and daddy in around 2-3 months time maybe sooner. 20 females lets say with 20 offspring each is 400!!!

    I have done my best to separate the sexes but I still see a male here and there in the female tank and female in the main tank that I couldn't seem to catch and the odd main that is chased by all the males like its a female. Which makes me very suspicious as to how long it will be before I get more offspring.

    I would get a tank in which you can separate the sexes as they mature and separate the adults.

    Unusually I have nothing more to add...

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    Mucky thanks for the reply.... i would love to have a second tank.... but this is out of the question.... ie its a hobby and i cant justify to the wife to spending another copious amount of money on a second take to prevent fry from coming. I am hoping my LFS will take in trade the fry or sub-adult for something i want... even if they don't trade id be happy to have them off my hands. This is more of a responsibility lesson for my son. I just don't want to dump a shrimp in and see his hopes dashed when the fry disappear over night. The large shrimp i have in my 29 gal got one of my rummy nose tetra last night (yes i caught him in the act) and i don't want a repeat.

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