Okay so I've belonged to this forum for two months know and come to respect all your opinions, so i'm asking your advice on stocking. I'm going to put together another order and have several choices to consider. I have a 75 gal "tetra tank" with 8 Emperor tetras, 12 Harlaquin rasboras, 8 three lined Pencilfish and 16 cardinal tetras.

I'm going to order 20-24 tetras and have already changed my mind at least half a dozen times. Heres my options:
12 Red Phantoms and 12 Lemon Tetras or
12 Rummy noses and 10 more cardinals or
10 Cardinals and 10 marble hatchets or
12 White Fin Tetra (HY 511) and 12 Rummy noses or 12 Lemon Tetras

I've also considered Flame Tetra's in some sort of combo.

What would you do and why? Thanks in advance for your help.