Hello everyone,

I have just registered with the site but already wonder if anyone can help, please. I have a coldwater tank with 1 pearlskin, 1 lemon goldfish, 3 shubunkins and 1 ghost koi. Ernest, the Koi is in there because he was rescued from my sons failing outdoor pond (the last of 12). All the fish get on well and as they are not huge live in a 120 ltr tank. My problem is, Ed, the largest shubunkin, keeps following Ernest the koi who is larger than him and appears to be nibbling him. Ernest never retaliates and when he moves away Ed follows him. I can stop Ed by going to the tank and he then behaves. Does anyone know why he has suddenly started doing this? Sorry for such a long question.

Issiefish (you may notice I entered username wrong on registration-not much good at this forum business)