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    Default How long do Kribensis take to pair up?

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    So I've been trying to get a krib pair ages now. Started out with 8 -- only ordered 4 but got a lot of freebees. It ended up being 3 males and 5 females, luckily.

    Two of the males coloured up gorgeously a few weeks ago and began lip-locking and chasing each other around the tank. A victor came out of it and I removed the poor loser and put him in another of my tanks (couldn't bare to sell him because he's so pretty) and rehomed the third male, who was clearly the bottom of the hierarchy as he was smaller with pale colouring and hid all the time. I took the opportunity to pick out 2 of the plainer females when I was at it and rehomed them, along with the male.

    So the tank (65g) now contains only 1 (gorgeous) male and 3 females. It's been like that a few months but he can't seem to make a decision. He goes between the 2 biggest females, both of whom fight regularly and have swollen purple bellies. The third female hides all the time. I kinda want to remove her but I feel like the other 2 females will certainly kill one another without a third female to spread the aggression with.

    What should I do? Should I remove one of the dominant females so he has to pick the other one or should I leave them both in there and hope they don't kill each other before he makes his decision?

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    Not even attempting what you are doing..I have some thoughts
    if you remove one of the dominat females...would the alpha female take on the weaker one? that is a gamble...b/c if that happens, then what is next?

    sorry can't help-but wanting to bump it for ya.

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    I will assume that you talk about regular kribs here. There is no need to get a group of Kribs. Any two fish of similar size will pair up and breed. It is an easy species to breed. The sex ratio of the young will depend on the pH in your spawning tank.

    They can be sexed very early, at about 1/3 inch so it usually easy to buy a pair even if you buy very small fish.

    I would take the choise away from him and simply leave him with one of the bigger females. Having several just disturbs the process. As long as you keep them well conditioned and offer them good caves they should breed before long.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    Thank you for the replies.

    An update: The male Krib in the tank with the girls got very sick a few days ago and died soon after. It was very strange, his back suddenly became very curved and he couldn't seem to use his back fins at all to swim, he just feebly drifted across the bottom using only his pectoral fins. It was almost as if he was paralyzed half-way down. Luckily, I still had the other male in another tank.

    The small female vanished so I have to assume the other females killed her. I think I'll follow William's advice and move one female, and just keep the male and one female together. If I don't sell all 3 of them that is -- they've made themselves quite a nuisance as although the males seem pretty docile except to each other, the females attack everything I try to put them with.

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    I'm no expert but with My Convicts I always take them all out, rearrange the whole tank and try again if it doesn't work after that I try to bulk up which fish needs to be dominate say your Male is gettin picked on take him out put him in a bigger tank and bulk him up then rearrange and reintroduce them all. I know Convicts and Kribs aren't the same but it's worth a try

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