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Thread: Fish not active

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    Default Fish not active

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    Hey guys I have inherited a 45 gallon tank that's been established for 10 years.

    I've been caring for it for the past two years and do 25% water changes once a week and vacuum the gravel.

    a.) 4 columbia tetras
    b.) 5 serpae tetras
    c.) 4 black skirt tetras
    d.) 1 5inch catfish
    e.) 2 chinese algae eaters

    I've been watching youtube videos of people's tanks and notice how active the fish are. In my own tank, the fish typically hang out on one side and just hover.

    I did a full test of pH, ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite and everything was in normal range, with pH a little above normal at 7.6

    So I'm not sure why they aren't as active. I have two powerheads and one has an aeration feature which creates a good amount of bubbles. I have one airstone.

    The only thesis I can come up with is that the schools need to be larger?

    Appreciate any advice.

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    Did you use a liquid test kit? Please elaborate on normal range with numbers.

    Maybe there is too much flow from the powerheads?

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    I used the mater test kit from API. I didn't write down the numbers but they were all in the normal range, and yes it's a liquid test kit.

    Is that a common problem of having too much water movement from the power heads? They are pointed towards the surface to provide agitation but it's possible the water is moving quite a bit.

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    Since you say your parameters are normal, I would go for one of the following two theories;

    1. your fish are uncomfortable because they aren't in sufficient size schools. except for the catfish(depends what catfish it is) and the algae eater, all of your fish belong in schools of at least 6, with 8-10 being way better. however, your tank is not big enough to accommodate decent schools of all species so you will have to pick one or two species, bump up their numbers, and rehome the other schooling species

    2. your fish have too little cover. there is a relationship between the amount of hiding places and the activity level and visibility of fish. the more hiding spots, plants and other cover, the happier, more active, more confident and less shy your fish are going to be.

    none of your species are particularly sensitive to water movement, especially if you have them pointed out of the way and towards the surface

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    If you are doing only 25% water changes every week, it could be you have elevated nitrate levels. Most of here here change 50% of our water weekly. You mention power heads but have said nothing about the filter. Do you have one or is that what you are calling power heads. Two different things.

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    25% should be enough if the tank is cycled considering size and stocking. However it is allways good to check the nitrate levels just in case.

    Have you checked the temperature. A drop in temperature can cause the problems. (so can a raise if it goes high enough)
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    + to the above.

    I would think the most likely culprits are cover, school size, and temp.

    If they have always been like this since you got them I would assume its an issue with feeling safe. As suggested the school sizes and cover will fix that quite well.

    If this is a recent thing for them to be sedintary then deff check the temp. When winter hit a few weeks back for us a LOT of my fish became less active. I had to go around and adjust the heaters little by little until the temp balanced out. When the ambient temp in the room drops it can cause small changes in stable temp of the tank because the heater is now working harder to maintain the same temp.
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    hey thanks for all the suggestions guys.

    Given that the temperature has been under control and consistently at 77 I think that the problem is the school sizes.

    I don't have any other fish tanks, so in what ways can I find new homes for some of the fish? Does Petsmart or Petco take fish that you don't want?

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    any friends w/ tanks?

    Petco/petsmart....they generally will take the fish, but won't compensate you for it.

    I've given my Dwarf Gourami to a local LFS, but always call ahead to make sure.

    or buy another

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    Its probably the school size. Up the schools and they'll most likely be more active
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