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    Default Canister Filter Questions (size)

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    I have a 29 gallon tank i have set up. I got it planted and have around 15 small fish, a frog, and a shrimp, and a few snails. I have been having algae bloom issues and i want to upgrade my filters from a cheap-o aqueon to a nice canister set up to see if that clears things up. I know i need to balance the water out but i am a newbie and i dont want to kill anything in the tank. I figured a good filter would help out al ot . Most of the filters (looking at the marineland magnum 350) say 55 gallons. Is this overkill for my 29 gallon or is there a way to throttle down the filter?

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    i HAVE A MAGNUM 350 CANISTER FILTER and it does come with knobs to turn water flow down second off there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to filtration its always beter to have to much then not enough.Second off is your tank next to a window where the light shines on it that will also build up algie on the glass.Do you have a plec or anything that removes algie if not a b/n pleco is the best thing for that tank or 3-4 ochos would work to pics would help hope this helps a little
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    Many people encourage you to actually get a filter that is rated for twice the actual size of your tank. The way filters are flow tested is at ideal for flow conditions, such as some test empty, or with very little bio media and assuming perfectly clean filters. But most people run their filtes under reality conditions, not ideal conditions.... they are going to have filter media. Sometimes their media won't be 100% clean, etc.

    So if you have a 29, a 55 rated filter would be pretty good actually.

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    Fish guy what do you think of the magnum 350? I do not have a pleco. I do have a siamensis and a hill---(stream/stand) catfish, of course i can remember the name now that i need to type it up. I dont really want a pleco just because i dont want i giant fish in my tank. My tank is in my living room where it does get some afternoon sunlight. This wasnt a issue this summer but with fall going into winter the sun is getting lower in the sky. Thank god living in Alaska the light will soon switch to darkness. Ill try to get some pics up soon. Right now i am blacking out my tank for 3-4 days to kill off the blooms. I do think a canister filter is in order. I just dont want to pump to much water around my tank and keep everything disturbed or have to much of a current if that makes sense. Or is that a issue?

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    trilliane thanks for that info... Wish the LFS guy told me that. I guess i went cheap with my filters after spending over $300 on substrate, plants and decor alone. My wife is not so keen on more gear... but i guess ill just have to convince her. I got about $700-$800 invested so far and yay on spending more.

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    I did the same things with my filter when I got my 29 gallon tank. I got a 30 gallon filter that came with the tank but my water clarity was not good even with weekly water changes. The forum advised me on getting a filter that is rated double for your tank size. I purchased a AquaClear 70 gallon plus a old 30 gallon that I had when I first set up the tank. The bigger filter has made a HUGE difference in water clarity and the fish seem more active than before.

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    Well the blackout is over... My tank is much clearer... I will post daylight pics when I get them
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Daylight photo!

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    Ps on this: you could get one of the dwarf plecos and be really happy with it in your 29 gal. I have an albino bristle nose pleco - he shouldn't get much more than 3 - 4 inches tops and they are pretty slow growing. This little guy is the star of my tank and does a GREAT job with algae control.

    If you don't want a pleco, however, get a few otto cats. They're tiny and will clean things up nicely for you.
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    I had a fluval 206 canister on my 29 gal and it worked beautifully
    55g planted. black skirt tetras. Neon tetras. Emerald Cory cat. Glow light tetras. 1kribensis cichlid, b. Rainbow fish. Rhino pleco. Pearl gourami. Dwarf platys

    29g planted. 1firemouth cichlid. Gold barbs. Scissortail rasboras.

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