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    My male betta would also swim close to the sides and ram into them a lot as well. Mostly when the side of his fish food with the betta picture was on it, though, lol... He'd swim around all flailed up.

    Mine was quite the character all around. Miss owning one.
    - Kate

    20 gallon Tiger barb Tank

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    Have you named him Michael Phelps or any variation thereof? Sorry, I couldn't resist the bad joke.

    Seeing as swimming around the tank, eating and pooping constitute the limited list of things your betta will do regularly, I'd say you're okay.

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    Betta do not care for lots of open bare space in a tank. Their natural habitat, Rice Paddies, their instinct is to weave around plant material with many hiding places. Pacing of that sort for long durations could be an indicator of agitation and stress. I think when you first posted your tank on the forum with the Betta, I suggested then more plants and hiding places. The tank is a little spare for a Betta. Make sure any plants you get are silk, or, test plants with some cotton wool before purchase. Run the cotton over the edges, and if it snags, it will likely rip the fins of the Betta.

    The Bubbler in the tank could also be problematical, as Betta prefer more still water. Males often build bubble nests, but they will burst and be unable to hold in fast moving disturbed water, and will cause your boy a lot of stress.

    Also, without lots of overhead plant material, the light of the tank could be blaring to him, as they prefer a dimmer heavily planted environment. A spare tank with lots of light will cause a huge amount of reflection on the sidewalls of the tank as well, putting him in a situation very close to being in a "hall of mirrors". This will cause them to pace, sometimes constantly, and live in a perpetual state of agitation thinking they are living in close quarters with another Betta.

    I think one silk plant with lots of foliage that reaches to the top of the tank, with branching leaves and a weighted bottom placed in the center would be enough to keep him happy. It will also supply a secured resting spot for him to relax in, and not feel so vulnerable.

    Though plants will obscure your view of your Betta, it is entrancing to watch them poetically weave and curl around plants, its almost trance-like.

    I hope this helps!
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    @ Tiari.

    Thank you. That was a VERY informative post. I will take your suggestions and do some changing around with his tank. I have a stand on order so I will be moving his tank this weekend. I will change up the decor and add some tall plants. I have looked around for a new bulb similar to the colormax that I use in my 36 gallon but I haven't even found a regular replacement for this hood. It is a 12" bulb that is very small in diameter. I think changing the bulb will help with the lighting. The current bulb is very bright.

  5. Default

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    I stopped by Petsmart tonight and bought 3 more plants like I already have in the tank. I also bought 3 squares of Betta grass that floats to help diffuse the light. Here is a video and a few pics of the current set up. What do you think?

    Front view

    Left side

    Right side

    Video Link

  6. Default

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    He still seemed to stay toward the bottom and swim so I unhooked the air pump to the dragon. He seems to explore a lot more and I've even seen him in the "Betta grass" at the top.

    I have read conflicting opinions on whether or not an air pump should be used in a Betta aquarium. Some say that the surface agitation is need to release CO2 and others say the Betta needs calm water.

    I figure having a single Betta in a 15 gallon tank that will get weekly water changes and not having an air pump will not be a problem.

    I have an Aquaclear 50 on his tank with a baffle (made from a water bottle) so with the water changes and HUGE filtration I believe he will be fine.

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    Betta really need and want calm water. You will have enough gas exchange with the filter you have on there, the bubbler will only stress him out.

    The extra looks nice, and will make him really happy, especially the floating plants. It will give him an area that his bubble nests can "stick" to, they get really pissy if their nests keep breaking apart from water flow.

    This, and a dimmer light should make him a very happy Betta indeed!
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

  8. Default

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    I have yet to find a dimmer light. The bulb that came with the hood is a T5 8 watt that is 12" long. All I can find are the full spectrum bulbs at Petsmart. I would love to find a Colormax replacement as I like the look of that bulb in my 36 gallon.

  9. Default

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    It's hard to tell from the video but after adding the floating plants the light is a LOT more diffused toward the middle/bottom of the tank. I know that doesn't help the top part of the tank. Anyone know where I can find a lower intensity bulb for a 12" fixture? My light is only on for 6 hours a day but I would like to find a "softer" bulb.

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