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  1. Default Recommend filter for 2.5 gallon betta tank

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    Hi all. My brother got a betta recently and I'm trying to get him on the right path. He currently does not use a filter in there and does 80-100% water changes using a no-name tap water conditioner. I recommended he switch to Stress Coat Plus but no biggie if he doesn't as long as what he has works. I've also recommended a heater to get the water temp up. I'm now wondering if he should get a small internal sponge filter. Is that recommended? If so, are there are any specific models that are widely used and liked? Particularly for bettas, I'm looking for one that doesn't cause too much flow. Links appreciated!

  2. Default

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    Wanted to add: So my brother originally did have a small filter, but he said the flow was too strong and the betta looked like it was having a hard time swimming against it.

  3. Default

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    I use the tetra whispers for my betta. They are pretty cheap, very quiet, and seem to work well for small tanks. Just throw out the media that comes with them and stuff them with sponge or beads instead. They come with a small air pump and it just drives the action by pulling water up through the sponge with the bubbles. They stick on the inside glass too, so you can either completely submerge them for no current, or put the return flow right at or just above the water line for a gentle current. I wouldn't ever use them on a tank larger than 5g or so, but for your brothers setup they should be perfect.
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  4. Default

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    Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Default

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    I made one of these and I have 0 current in my aquarium. I am using an Aquaclear 50 on a 15 gallon column tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjoo1120
    Wanted to add: So my brother originally did have a small filter, but he said the flow was too strong and the betta looked like it was having a hard time swimming against it.
    The filter is not too strong, The tank is too small. Result= washing machine.

    Tell him to get a 10g tank from walmart for 13$ and do grab a heater also [Betta are native to Thailand and it's hot there - Always] Add the filter back to the tank and cycle it and he will be good to go.

    It's really not that expensive of a proposition to get this done right.
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    A betta should be in at least a five gallon tank. That said, the water needs to be 82 degrees.

    A small whisper filter, the air driven one, will work as mentioned earlier, or an elite sponge filter by Hagen.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

  8. Default

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    Yeah, I already told him to heat up the water. He has already told me he is planning on moving up to a 5 gallon or possibly a 10. THanks again for the input. Just making sure my brother does the right thing.

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    I picked up a 5 gallon tank for $8 and a 10 gallon for $12. Tank only. There is simply no reason to keep a fish in anything less for tank prices like that.

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    An azoo palm filter works well in a 2.5g. It's a very small hob filter. Not sure how I ended up with one, but I tried it out and it works well. Quiet and you can control the water rate. I just looked and you can buy it online for just under $10 at drsfostersmith.

    Also may want to consider sponge filters instead. I use sponge filters on all my 2.5, 5, and 10g tanks, they work really well. A great source of biological filtration and they do provide water movement. Can sometimes pick up sponge filters on ebay for $2-3 shipped. The ones I get suction cup to the side of the glass and have 2 sponges on them. Makes it easy to place inside the tank.

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