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Thread: Clown pleco

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    Default Clown pleco

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    I have been looking to get some more plecos to for my 65 gallon after i add plants to it, and have found that the clown pleco seems to be one of my best options. I would be getting just 1, as i already have an L-187 in the tank. The decorations are ALL natural driftwood(some Malaysian, some I found in the Albemarle sound). The tank is 65 gallons and is inhabited by a gold severum. Filtration is an AC70 and Cascade 300. Do you guys have any experience to share about clown plecos? Also are there any other smaller species of pleco you guys would recommend?

    EDIT: forgot to mention; my favorite breed of pleco is the L-200. Does anyone have experience with these? I know they're expensive.
    Last edited by Northerly; 10-18-2012 at 03:07 PM.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    Clowns are awesome, easy to keep, feel free to get 3 for your 65G

    They love potato, courgette, aubergine etc
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    They also hide really well, and stay fat even though they only eat the driftwood in the tank. I had one that would disappear for a year at a time if I did not lift everything up in the tank.

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    3? sounds like this is about to get extremely out of hand:p Could i substitute the other 2 for 2 different types of similarly sized pleco?
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    You ninja'd me rocksor! lol. Anyways, yeah i had read about them being primarily driftwood eaters and had worried about them disappearing.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    Yup you could mix and match I used to have a L262, same size range as clowns
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    I love the looks of the l-262! might be purchasing one of those and a clown pleco in the near future:)

    EDIT: does anyone know of a reputable online dealer of plecos? Aquabid is an option i suppose.
    Last edited by Northerly; 10-19-2012 at 03:12 AM.
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    I recently purchased an Emperor Pleco. Have had him a little over a month now. He was quite reclusive at first but is making his presence known more now. Gorgeous fish

    Just happened to get lucky and my LFS had him - said they rarely see them available locally.

    I also have a baby albino bristle nose in my 30 that is just the coolest fish. He's very visible and very active

    Have fun figuring out which way to go.
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    15 g FW planted:crown tail betta, neons, pygmy cory, clown pleco,apple & nerite snails
    90 g FW planted:congos, rainbows, roseline sharks, swordtails, ottos,krib pair, ABNP, peppered cories, apple snails
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    That emperor looks awesome!
    Coastie-to-be... hopefully.

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    Awesome emperor fishmommie!
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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