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  1. Default Did I do something stupid?

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    Today I totally impulse bought a female crown tail betta. She is and turquoise. She was looking very unhappy shoved in the back of a shelf in a tiny jar at petsmart. I am a sucker for rescues. Obviously, I didn't think this through.

    I drip acclimated her and put her in the 55g tank with the rainbows, male guppies, and black skirt tetras. They hate her! She's hiding now...every time she comes out she gets picked on by somebody (mainly the black skirts). I was expecting to watch out for agression on her part, not by the others!

    Anyway, was this a stupid thing to do? Should I take her right back? Or will this aggression pass? Or is this whole situation just completely wrong?

    Boy, just when I am starting to get everything settled I do something to mess it up...potentially. TIA for any advice.

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    If she is being attacked then you need to move her back out. Trying her out was not stupid but not fixing it will get her killed.

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    The skirt type tetras seem extra inclined to nip fins on things like bettas. Especially in small schools. She sounds really pretty, so you could probably get a nice little heated filtered 5gal tank and keep her with a snail or a dwarf frog or something. :)
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    How many of the tetras do you have? If you have a small school, increasing their numbers could make them less hostile towards their tankmates.
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    Rainbows are also not compatible with slow moving fish like betta's.. Impulse buying never works unless you happen to have a second tank in case things don't work out.

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    Well, as of this writing, things are a bit different.

    She seems to be staking out a part of the tank (a back corner) as her territory. The guppies are swimming in that area, and they are fine. She is kind of defensive, which is understandable.

    The rainbows don't care whether she is there or seems I have quite unobservant rainbows, and they are pretty sluggish too. I sense they are not too smart (sorry people who love rainbows).

    The 8 black skirts are not attacking her any longer, even if they see her or swim by her. However, she seems to be intimidated by them and will hide sometimes under a leaf. They are my fast swimmers and are all over the tank.

    She is moving about her little area, exploring, trying to eat stuff on the bottom, telling the guppies (who think she is a female guppy I think) to buzz off. I will be watching her closely for a day or two and then decide what to do. I'm guessing it won't work, even if the aggression has dissipated, because the black skirts are everywhere, moving fast.

    Lady Hobbs, it's amazing that we both have rainbows and yet they act so differently. Mine look like absolute slugs compared to yours! They are just so docile and mellow.

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    No QT, yeah you made a big mistake.

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indian Woods Angels
    No QT, yeah you made a big mistake.
    I was waiting for that bluntness. But I said it myself first, so it's doesn't sting quite so much.

    I am going to get her her own tank today. Fortunately for her, we (as in my daughter and I) already love her and can't put Daisy back in that little cup and give her back.

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    Just wanted to say good luck for your betta (:
    My mom has a thing about rescuing bettas too; neither of us can stand seeing them so sad-looking in the store.
    I think it's good that you're actively seeking a solution. What would be a mistake would be to dump her in with the tetras and then ignore her.

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    This idea if "rescuing" is odd to me. You might be saving an individual (and you'll feel good about it) but if you look at the big picture all you are doing is adding to the demand and feeding the trade in cruelly kept fish. Like buying a puppy from a puppy mill.

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