Hey guys,

I'm about to purchase 2-3 GBRs in order to find a mated pair. I'm a little nervous, because I've read how delicate this breed can be. I have a 10gal QT tank with a few decorations, bare bottom and black background. It's uncycled, but I'm in the process of cycling it with food from my previous quarantined individuals (who are now in the display tank). Figured I might as well do that, while I have some food in there... couldn't hurt, right? Then I could add that media to my established tanks and use it whenever I need to QT again.

Anyway, my question is in regards to how delicate these creatures are. Since my QT is uncycled (and I'll be doing a large waterchange, bringing down the ammonia to 0 again, once I do purchase them), doesn't look a thing like my display tank, has different params, temperature, etc, should I skip the QT and acclimate them for the display instead? I'm afraid that if I acclimate them to the QT, keep them in there for a week, then move them over to the display, having to acclimate them again... it might stress them to the point of death.

Does anyone have any suggestions?