I am picking up a 40 gallon long tomorrow that I am getting a great deal on. I am not planing on getting it going right away. I need to gather the rest of what I need for it. It is going to be a planted tank for sure. That's all I know for now.

Questions I have are should I go with a canister filter of some sort? I was looking at the Fluval 406 is that enough or should I consider something else? I know nothing about canister filters so is there anything special I need to consider when looking at them?

What's the general opinion on inline heaters? Love em or hate em? If so what's a good one for my setup? Or if not inline then what? If I go with an in tank heaer should I go with 1 or 2?

I was thinking about going with a 48" Nova Extreme SLR 108w T5ho fixture. I have the 24" model on my 20gal tank and love it.

I am also thinking of getting a couple of the truelumen led moon lights to link up for a nice evening light.

Anything I am overlooking? Or that I should do differently?