Hi there AC'ers :)

I've tried 4+ different treatments on my blood parrot for anchor worms to no avail - Touches the surface - worm disappears but entry wound does not.. 1-2 days after medication worm returns I'm in about $150+ on this one fish because first i set up his own 20gal hospital tank to treat him in/away from my other fish.

After reading on various forums I decided I had nothing to lose and would try the Potassium Permanganate dip described here: http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Potassium_permanganate I just did his first treatment as instructed... Does anyone know, should I repeat daily? Or what would you recommend here?

If this treatment doesn't work -- I have to give up - it's been 2+ months of treating this one fish... Mysteriously the LFS's tank of them has been replaced with another type of parrot cichlid? All gone?? So I assume all were affected