I don't like catfish for eating; they are slimy-nasty. Tilapia I'm told won't survive our colder temps (I've had pool water in the 40's, covered). So I'm going to look into the last 2 breeds on a short list of fish for aquaponics; bass and blue gill.

I understand bass are predatory and enjoy a good snack of blue gill. So I can't have both in the same tank/pond/pool!

What I'd like to know is growth rates, pro and cons for each, gallons of water per fish allotments, feeding requirements, sources for small orders of fry!! I haven't got alot of cash to spend, and don't want to waste it if I'm not set up right to begin with. I'm thinking a 55 gal food grade barrel to start, and a small swimming pool for their finish.

Also, what equipment would I need? Can I put other edibles in with them? I'm thinking crawfish or some other such that would mesh well with our tastes and the system.

Thankx for any info or links.