Well my LFS was feeding live fish to my Silver Arowana when I bought him and hence I have been doing the same and it has been around 4 months since I got him.

He has been on a diet of Mollies mostly and goldfish occasionally.
I know feeder fish might carry a host of infection but I had no choice as he wasn't accepting any other diet other than live fish.

I tried feeding him freeze dried prawns but he used to spit it out.

Of course keeping in mind of a balanced and nutritious diet, I have decided to feed him Hikari foodsticks.

So would my Carnivore who has been strictly on a diet of live food for a year at the LFS and 4 months with me since I bought him accept foodsticks ?

I know it will take time for him to adjust to the new diet.

My LFS said they mostly accept foodsticks after 3 days of starvation.

Assuming he doesn't eat after 3 days, what is the safest amount of time an Aro can starve. A week , 3 weeks, a Month?

He's 11 inches right now, I fed him last yesterday and will be getting Foodsticks today.

Any advise would be great