Hi there fish connoisseurs!! I have a 55 gallon african cichlid tank - A small puffer tank, a 10gal goby tank (with 2 mollies - bumblebees and rhinos) and a 20gal community (tetras; cory cats; etc)

I was on here reading info on here about anchor worms - the ever recurring anchor worms :/ My blood parrot had a sore on him for about a month... nothing took it away... Then something began sticking out of it. Assuming anchor worms I treated with an API product... Came back 2 days after last treatement... Did it again.. same thing and then used a different product - mardel spot on treatment - improves but never goes away. I've placed him in a 20gal (about a month ago) 2 plecos are in with him now but I'll either pull them again or maybe do a dip regimen with the potassium permanganate.

I'd love to hear any thoughts on this... suggestions?? I've spent (including the new tank setup) close to $150 on trying to improve this fish... I cannot do much more financially or mentally. HELP!!

Thanks for such a great site!! :) :)