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    Default Too clean for clams

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    Okay not sure if this should go here, but i was told that what i bought as freshwater clams are brackish clams. I recently upgraded my filter, huge upgrade, about two weeks later my clams started to die off. I have relocated them to a 'dirtier' tank. I really want my clams to be a part of my primary tank, which is now too clean to support them. I have some ideas that i would like to bounce off the community here, they could range from inhumane to cutting edge lol. Even if you haven't kept clams, your feedback could end up helping me!

    What if i just put them in the canister filter, like media? Do you think it would be 'dirty' enough for them? Maybe on the bottom level where it's dirtiest? They should still get enough dissolved oxygen and all the rest of the essentials, right? Do they need light? Is this even fair to the clams?

    I have a glass bottle in the tank, and the water flow inside of it is quite minimal, do you think putting the clams in the bottle would maybe give them more time to eat? Would they instead suffocate from inefficient flow or oxygen?

    Do any of you have any suggestions as to a way i could still display the clams in the tank, and ensure they stay fed? A pipette is out of the question, and apparently even if i purchase and introduce specific micro organisms, my filter would eat them all way before the clams, just like im experiencing now, right? Or could i just add it to the water and it would keep cycling through?

    I have added a dual sponge intake, making sure to catch as much as possible IN the water. I probably sound like a freak about these clams. Sorry about the bombardment of questions, i hope im in the right spot! Thanks in advance for reading!


  2. Default

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    Simple really. Go back to your less filtered "dirtier" set up. Overfiltering isn't needed anyway unless you had high trates or were getting ammo spikes in the past you fixed something that wasn't broken.

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    Gah thanks for not tellin me what i want to hear lol! Im in love with the water quality i have right now, im overstocked like a motherfather, i would dread reducing the filtration now that i've spoiled myself. im also smitten with my think i should bug the folks in the inverts. forum? i tried a tank within a tank before, but it didn't pan out, maybe i should post something in the technical area? searching the site for clams didn't really give me an idea of where to post. sorry for looking like a confused elderly lady in walmart. i guess brackish was a stretch as if im trying to create a defined brackish area in a tropical fw community....try not to flame me!
    fish are aliens

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    Clams need large amounts of food item available at all times to survive long. There is no happy medium,they either have enough properly sized particulate to live well or they starve to death. You could try daily spot feedings of phytoplankton but that's a pita and doesn't really give them the all day food availability they need. You could do a phyto drip and that would do it but then you will be polluting that pretty water you like so much. In short,,,refer to my first post.

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    sorry for my delayed response! im clamless. its a depressing ordeal, but they aren't amongst the living. thanks for your help though, your info was spot on! i guess we can close this thread though.
    fish are aliens

  6. Default

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    Dont feel too bad. In gen clams are hard to keep, they have complex life cycles, are parasitic for at lest part of their life cycles.. And require condictions that are best met in the wild.

    Lesson learned: Clams + Aquariums = death.

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    yeah id suggest against anyone purchasing clams unless it was for a clam set up. for the right stuff to be in the water for clams, it would mean your filter wasn't working properly. i just dont have the patience to feed them through a pipette and pray that i dont spook them back into their shell. spot feeding zooplankton in a FISH tank (not a clam tank) is a nightmare. its sad for the clams, and sad for me, and my wallet. thanks for the help though!
    fish are aliens

  8. Default

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    You've got it wrong in a way. For the most part we overfilter our tanks too much. If the tank meant for clams is planted with the right mix of plants the clams and fish can easily be kept together. The keeper must simply understand that chrystal clear water is not really of any benefit to anything but his own sensibilitys. I know I could keep clams in my planted tank as my filter is old and damn near wore out. There is a lot of stuff in the water for a filter feeder. Even with that the water is clean with trates under 20. Running a phyto drip is also feasible and would not pollute a balanced tank if it were well planted. Spot feding any filter feeder is sort of like feeding a baby with a bottle,take it away and it starves,just dumping some phyto in the tank does not work for long either. Clams can be kept but phyto must be in the water at all times.

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    Oh i definitely overfilter, and it is definitely for my own sensabilities. I met this biologist, first hobbiest i have ever met (outside of work i dont get out), and none of his tanks were crystal clear. the phytoplankton wont be in the tank if your filter is working properly, spot feeding is the only way. spot feeding or underfiltering. i guess what i call underfiltering, you, and clams, call perfect. i was nailing it with what was in the water column, when i was using a filter rated for less gallons than the tank it was on. i totally get it with the clams. i get the fact that what i want isnt doable without spot feeding. so i do get it man. or woman lol. thing is, i was looking for some kind of a work around, i noticed that with putting small tanks inside of larger tanks, or with bottles, fish bowls, and jars, was that the filtration inside of them was significantly reduced. i was wondering if anyone had any experience with a 'dirtier' water fish or invert of some type that they kept housed with a fish that thrives on pristine, crystal clear water. please dont flame me and tell me how all fish need pristine water, this is in reference to the clarity not the parameters. the water i use registered PERFECT on every liquid test ive performed thus far, and my tank water is such a close match i triple tested the first time because i felt like cheating. ive been keeping fish and trolling forums for a while. i only decided to join one because i had a very specific question that google and forums alike had no results for. my fish seem immortal and i dont understand what everyones struggle is with keeping them healthy, im not a bad fish keeper by any means, the numbers and the procreation speak volumes, i just wanted to know if someone had experience with something obscure. almost every single thread ive ever read in a fish forum got diverted from its main topic, i just wanted to know if anyone else had been there, and if they succeeded or failed, and the details of that experience. i wasn't really interested in what ive done wrong with the clams so far, im actually here because i already know what ive done wrong, im looking for remedies. a simple 'no fix' or just not posting at all would have been a little more constructive. i cant believe that no one has tried like a murky r/o peat filter tank inside of an over filtered crystal clear tank, or more generally tried to house VISUALLY dirty water in VISUALLY clean water. ive created some amazing things for segregating, hiding, hatching, nursing and hospitaling fish, i find it difficult to believe im the only one who creates things like this, there are like nine billion people on earth, i didnt think i was that unique. the more i rant right now the more i feel like i should have posting in the technical section of the forum. someone posted in this thread, something along the lines of if its broke dont fix it, that was the best advice i got here. i appreciate everyones two cents, i really honestly do, but to maintain the gorgeous looking water that i WANT (and currently have lol) i have to use filtration, any phyto or zoo are going to be eaten primarily by the filter, and the clams will slowly starve to death. fish in beautiful looking water and clams are a terrible mix. sure, you can house them together successfully, but typicall its in poopy, or near poopy water. even if the trates are on point. im sure i seem like a huge jerk, but i dont function well on a planet where everyone else isn't a robot. thanks in advance for your patience and for not taking this personal.
    fish are aliens

  10. Default

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    whatever you say fella,or lady You had one sentence toward the end of your long reply that made sense.Your right,you do
    Last edited by smaug; 09-28-2012 at 12:14 AM.

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