Today I totally impulse bought a female crown tail betta. She is and turquoise. She was looking very unhappy shoved in the back of a shelf in a tiny jar at petsmart. I am a sucker for rescues. Obviously, I didn't think this through.

I drip acclimated her and put her in the 55g tank with the rainbows, male guppies, and black skirt tetras. They hate her! She's hiding now...every time she comes out she gets picked on by somebody (mainly the black skirts). I was expecting to watch out for agression on her part, not by the others!

Anyway, was this a stupid thing to do? Should I take her right back? Or will this aggression pass? Or is this whole situation just completely wrong?

Boy, just when I am starting to get everything settled I do something to mess it up...potentially. TIA for any advice.