So I just set up a 20-gallon fish tank a few days ago, and introduced some fish into it last night. They all seemed fine last night when I first put them in the tank, but after 24 hours the water turned cloudy and one of my guppies died. I did a water change right away, cause the water was a bit smelly. Am I doing everything OK? Cause I don't want any of my other fish to die.
Also here's some general info on my tank:
1-Currently, I have the temp set to around 24 degrees celsius.
2-Population of my fish: 2 small Angelfish, 2 Guppies(used to be 3), 1 Tiger Barb, 2 Mollies, 1 Pleco. Is it overpopulated?
3-When I did the water change, a lot of food came out from under the gravel, so I fear I might have overfed them. What can I do to fix this?
4-By looking at the population of my fishtank, how much food should I put for them everyday?
Much thanks to anyone who answers.