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Thread: Bolivian Ram

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    Default Bolivian Ram

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    Are bolivian rams ok with being the only one of their kind in a tank? Can they be kept with shrimp or will they eat them all?
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    they'll eat the shrimp definately and yes they can be kept single just fine

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    +1 to what HEADIN said.

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    They are fine being the only one of their kind in the tank but I noticed that it was a lot more active and interesting to watch when there was 2 in there. I have a 20 gallon with 2 rams in, 1 male 1 female. They are not mated and chase each other a fair amount but never any harm and there are spots that the female can hide if she doesn't want to get chased. I don't know if you have room for 2 but that's just what I've noticed in my tank.

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    How big a tank is it? Yes single is fine but they are probably best kept in at least a pair if you want to see their neat behaviors. While they are a social fish, I think the general guideline that I have seen is that the bolivian ram should each have a territory that is about 8-10 inches square of your tanks footprint with lines of sight broken by decorations/plants especially if you have a mating pair. I had 5 in my 58 gallon and they were amazing to watch commune together but when a pair were hooking up they basically took over 3/4 of the tank and pushed the remaining fish to the side glass. If I were to do it again I would only put at most 3 in the 58 Gallon or 2 in a 30 gallon.
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