Hey gang. We just added a bunch of live plants to our 20 gallon tank and want to make sure we give them what they need.

First off should we start a nutrient program as soon as they are planted or give it time before we feed them? If so how long?

It's a 20 gal high tank
We have a Nova Extreme SLR 48 watt T5 fixture with a Flora sun bulb and a Ultra sun bulb.

Here are the plants we have in the tank:
Floating: Anacharis and Water sprite
Planted: water wisteria, amazon sword, micro sword, Anubis nana, java fern, cryptocoryne undulata, cabomba, jungle val

We bought root tabs (API root tabs), have seachem Flourish (liquid)

Should we get anything else? Will we need to supplement with CO2? If so does Flourish excel work?

Am I missing anything? We don't want to go chemical crazy the goal is to give just enough to keep everything healthy! Hence the questions now before we start dong what we "think" is right.

We did read the nutrients sticky and will probably read it 12 more times! Lol