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Thread: Bee shrimp farm

  1. Default Bee shrimp farm

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    Hey guys.

    I finally got my bee shrimp jar set up. It's been cycling for a while now and I had been talking to some of you about it, so I thought I'd show you the end result. A picture is worth a thousand blah blah and all of that.

    Weird thing is they were marked as black crystals in the LFS. I've never seen them as such, but wild bee shrimp are black anyway, so I don't know if they have just adopted that name to keep conformity with the crystal reds and blues or what? They actually had it as bee shrimp on one tank and crystal black on another.

    They aren't exceptionally high grade, and I was only able to get six of them, so it will take me a few good generations to get a decent stock of Aish grade breeders. But this has always been an experiment in the name of fun for me, not income. I mean being able to trade some for store credit would be an added bonus cuz MTS can get expensive, but if it doesn't work out I don't really care. I would have done it anyway.

    I've got one very large Berried female that was actually mating witha couple of the little males in the bag on the way home, which is awesome and unexpected. I've also got a spare 10g set up for the lower grade offspring, and the higher grade breeders will stay in the farm jar.

    As soon as I can find another apothecary jar like this one, and i decide whether this little experiment was successfull, I'm going to start a second one with crystal reds. I have a spare filter inside this jar that I cycled with this one in prep. I would love to get some A grade blues instead but I haven't been able to find them anywhere around here, and breeding stock of these lil guys is too pricey and too fragile for me to feel secure in having them shipped. Oh well. I'll keep looking.
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    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
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    Painted fish belong on canvas, not in aquaria

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    sweet. What kind of filter heater other stuff are you using. How big is the jar. Could you do a journal for this with maybe some build details.

  3. Default

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    An eco-system in a jar... AWESOME! I love it- but how do you fit the Python in there to vacuum the gravel??? But seriously, what a great idea.

  4. Default

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    Thanks guys.

    Yeah I didn't think of starting a journal back when I started this because I had so many projects going at the same time.

    The filtration is just some sponge media I kick started in another jar. I always keep some spare sponge in a jar with some food and substrate tied into a piece of scrap nylon and an air pump line bubbling at the bottom. As long as I keep it fed it pre-cycles sponges for me.

    So I took a spare square of that and cut a hole in the center, then stuffed a bubble stone into the hole. The air line pumps through the stone, bubbles rise, and water gets pulled by the movement through the sponge. Same concept as an air driven box filter. It won't keep a very large volume clean and there is almost nothing in the way of mechanical filtration going on here, ie: you need to do more WCs, but it isn't like it takes long to siphon out 50% of that water and gravity feed some new in.

    The heater is just an old submersible I have a couple of laying around. It's the old style that has no thermostat tho. You can only adjust how long it's on-off cycle is. I'm having to watch that real close so I don't boil or freeze my guys. I may end up having to go out and spring for a newer heater. The problem is finding one that won't take up much room.

    Other than that it's just some substrate which I layered into a couple layers since you can see it from outside, a little piece of water sprite and a piece of ludwigia I think? Could be wrong on that one. Got so many plants I forget sometimes. Drop in a chunk of bogwood and some shrimp and youre good to go.

    It won't house many individuals or anything but the smallest species, but that's why I love crystals cuz they are so small. Plus as I said everyone but my prime grades are going into a larger tank as they are born.

    The jar is a little larger than it looks there. It's like a 5 gallon apothecary jar. They look beautiful. Really thick glass and nice lids. My lid won't fit when it's in that cupboard but I'm removing the shelf above it soon.

    I'll snap another pic when I have the shelf out, the CRS jar set up next to it, and the lighting all done right. It should look really nice.
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
    ~-~-~ }~)){'> <}MocE{> }~)){'> ~-~-~
    Prove that size doesn't matter
    Painted fish belong on canvas, not in aquaria

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