My dad is trying to tell me its a waste of money to buy Heartgard for my new dog. My grandma is saying im going to kill my dog for treating him for something he doesnt have, and isnt listening to me when i keep saying its not a treatment its a preventative, all vets tell you to use it. I tell her Animal Cops complains how simple it is to prevent and yet 1000s of dogs die from heartworm every year from people who think its unimportant. But shes now yelling that im wasting my money and overdoing my dog care.

Do other dog owners on here use it or a similar medication? Is it important for a small Pennsylvanian dog, or can he do without it? I found a generic brand for him thats only going to be $40 for a years worth, which i think is a very good deal. But my family is making it a hassle to try to get it.