so dont shoot me if i am way off.. also ideals are excepted
also this is pre-planning, they are not in tank yet.. also tanks if heavy planted and wooded

1x Angel fish
1x reedfish(rope) gotta have this, love them
2x Dwaf Gouramis( 1x if both doesnt work out
1x brustlenose albino pleco
5x corries, not sure what kind yet

I want some type of tetra that is a great schooler, so like 8x of it

maybe a small shoal of topwater fish, danio???
maybe a peacock eel, i dont mind striving to make sure my bottem babies get fed.
already have 2 faithful snails pushing the grind back and forth across the tank .. again help! hate! anything is all good

running as of right now, a EMP 400 and a AC 110( in previous threads i said 70 but i forgot that was on old tank)
also for bday thinking of asking for a fluval fx5 and dropping the emp